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Forum/Server Rules

Post by Farhan on Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:37 am

 >Rules Of Our Server
1.Respect All Admins/Players

2.Do Not Spam/Flood In The Chat,OR Advertise Other Servers

3.Hacking/Cheating Will Get You Banned From The Server

4.Leo Players Are Not Allowed To Kill White Players/Innocents

5.Cops Teaming With Wanteds Are Not Allowed/Wanteds Teaming With Cops Are Also Not Allowed

6.Random Deathmatch Is Not Allowed

7.Wanteds vs Wanteds Kill Is Allowed

8.Yellow Players Are Not Allowed To Kill Leo,Yellow Players Are Ticketable They Can Pay Ticket To Get Rid OF Stars

9.Don't Quit TO Evade Anything

10.Farming Scores/Xp/Money Is Unacceptable,And May Lead To Punishment

11.Cophunt Is Not Allowed,But You Can Take Revenge Once On Cops

12.Don't G-Abuse Without A Driver

13.Bugs Should Be Reported,Not To Take Benefit Of It Or Exploited

14.Don't Ban Evade

15.VPNs/Proxies Are Not Allowed

16.Sharing Of Accounts Are Not Allowed

17.Admins Can Enforce Rules As They Can See Fit

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